Service & Repair

Shutter halfway down.

When it comes to hurricane protection, being proactive is the most important part of protecting your family and your most valuable assets. Hurricane protection only works if it’s given the care and service it deserves.

Our dedicated staff at Shutters239 is here for all your service and repair needs. From updating outdated shutters, to servicing before hurricane season even begins, our team is waiting for your call.

Whether you live in a single-family home or luxury, high-rise condo, our service and repair team is ready to inspect your shutters. Don’t wait until the midst of hurricane season to discover that your Roll Down Shutter or Accordion Shutter requires some much-needed repair.

Shutters239 believes that all homes should have the highest quality of protection. Whether you purchased hurricane protection from our team or moved into a home with pre-installed protection, give us a call and prepare for hurricane season before it even begins. Our team repairs and services every brand and style of Hurricane Shutters.

Give us a call or drop us a line with our easy-to-use, convenient online form.