Lexan Storm Panels

In 1953, Lexan Polycarbonate Resin was born and with it came a revolution in hurricane protection in Southwest Florida. If you’re looking for a hurricane protection solution that combines durability, lightweight form, and its ease of use, then Lexan Storm Panels could be right for you!

Our Storm Panels can be installed over nearly any opening, protecting your loved ones and property regardless of your home’s design or layout. Combining durability with their see-through design allows natural light to make it into the home through the windows while also protecting from storm damage.

If you want a lightweight, easy to install storm protection for your home without having the dark “boarded-up” home feeling, then Lexan Storm Panels are the right solution for you.

Lexan Storm Panels

So, what makes Lexan Storm Panels more functional than traditional Steel or Aluminum? Lexan has dozens of helpful qualities, including:

  • High-impact strength
  • Transparent panels
  • High temperature durability
  • Flame resistant
  • Weatherability

Our Lexan Storm Panels are F.B.C. compliant and look great on every home’s property. If you want a solution that can protect your loved ones and home while also being more cost-effective than you thought, give us a call to discuss why Lexan Storm Panels may be the best choice for you!