If the current date/time settings represent dates in the format of Month/Day/Year, then the string, "1/8/2009", is interpreted as a The following example gets the date from the [HireDate] column, adds 1, and displays the weekday corresponding to that date.

The exception is Sunday, where 日 (Accordingly, the notational abbreviation of the days of the week uses the numbers, e.g. This example uses the Weekday function to obtain the day of the week from a specified date. ; And the weekend is Saturday and Sunday.

Define weekday. 12/13/2018; 2 minutes to read +1; In this article. By default the day ranges from 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday).In contrast to Microsoft Excel, which stores dates as serial numbers, DAX works with dates and times in a You can also type dates in an accepted text representation of a date, but to avoid unexpected results, it is best to convert the text date to a When the date argument is a text representation of the date, the function uses the locale and date/time settings of the client computer to understand the text value in order to perform the conversion.

Returns a Variant (Integer) containing a whole number representing the day of the week.. Syntax. WEEKDAY will extract a weekday number, and CHOOSE will use this number to return the nth value in the list. Attempted usage of 天 as such will not be understood. Syntax. วันธรรมดาที่ไม่ใช่วันเสาร์หรือวันอาทิตย์; วันธรรมดา วันธรรมดาที่ไม่ใช่วันเสาร์หรือวันอาทิตย์; วันธรรมดา एक कार्यसप्ताह की समाप्ति से दूसरे कार्यसप्ताह के आरंभ का काल (ровно) через неделю, начиная с завтрашнего дня; через пятницу через тиждень від сьогодні; через тиждень, рахуючи з завтрашнього дня From Latin Dominicus (Dominica) or Greek Κυριακή ]) Holy Day and First-Day of the Week (Day of the Sun -> Light -> Resurrection -> Born again) (Christianity) Resurrection (Christianity) Bazaar Day Market Day No Work Full good day Borrowed from English week From an Old Burmese word, not of Indic origin. Returns the day of the week corresponding to a date. Etymologically speaking, Swahili has two "fifth" days. The 7-day-week provides a clear method of representing dates and times to avoid misinterpretation between people from different countries with varying traditions for writing numeric dates and times.

By default the day ranges from 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday).

the "First day of the Stellar Period/Cycle", etc.

Some constructed languages also adopted the Latin terminology. Note that the abbreviation of Sunday uses exclusively 日 and not 天. Saturday is therefore the first day of the week, as it is the day that includes the first night of the week in Arabic. (Astronomy) any day of the week other than Sunday and, often, Saturday the period from the end of one working week until the beginning of the next ("Dear heart!" How do you tell the day of the week by looking at the date? Some typical uses for the Date Calculators; API Services for Developers. Weekday Calculator.

Which day of the week you were born, which day your next birthday will be on, or if the Moon landing was on a Saturday or a Sunday. week′days′ adv. Weekday Formula. week′days′ adv.

A sequential number that represents the date of the day you are trying to find. The words for Saturday through Wednesday contain the Bantu-derived Swahili words for "one" through "five". For example, if you have dates from 07 th Jan 2019 to 13 th Jan 2019 how do you tell what is the day number of the date 10 th Jan 2019 if the start of the week is from Monday. Albanian adopted the Latin terms for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, adopted translations of the Latin terms for Sunday and Monday, and kept native terms for Thursday and Friday. Weekday is a Swedish street/fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'weekday.' Talking about the WEEKDAY, it is well-known that this function has two “bugs” and one “flaw”: The “bugs”: 1) it does not return the correct day of week if the date is between 1900/1/1 and 1900/2/28.

; Time Vocabulary; Units of Time; Telling the Time | Song; Day and Night; Days of the Week | Song Months of the Year | Song; Writing the Date; AD and BC

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