Magtag Dairy Farms, Maytag Blue Cheese (2x1 pound) igourmet English Huntsman Cheese (7.5 ounce) And regarding the penicillin Cabrales, grown in caves in Spain is the most veined and by appearance (bluest), and flavor, anyway, *seems* to be the most culture-rich and medicinal. But since it keeps for a year, buying a couple of pounds or a wheel and storing it in an airtight ontainer might be the way to go.To me one of the benefits of blue cheese is the penicillin culture, particularly Penicillin Roequeforte. 6 Lb-Wheel or (3lb 2 wheels) This product is currently out of stock. He was pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavor! !Too funny, Hyphenbird. A dense blue cheese made of smooth water buffalo milk from Italy. Makes me want to go out and buy some blue cheese.Congratulations for being selected for the Hub of the Day!This is an awesome Hub that is well researched and perfectly executed. A popular legend has it that a young shepherd, caring for his sheep in the hills of Roquefort, France, spotted a beautiful maiden far off in the distance while having his lunch. I appreciate the fact that you warned those who are allergic to pennicillin (which I happen to be) to avoid eating this yummy sounding delicacy.I loved the details you put to this hub - Great job!Ha ha, glad to set you straight! 3-Ply Disposable Face Másk for General Use,10/30/50/100 PCS Cute Pattern Protective Earloop Cover for Unisex Adult by DBHAWK Fortunately, she kept that a secret from me, and it was something I came to learn on my own when I was old enough to handle it.People theorize blue cheese was a serendipitous discovery, and stories abound as to how this coveted food came into being. Organic Valley Organic Blue Cheese Crumbles, 4 oz Tub That is just an assumption on my part. Aftertaste? Great tasty hub.Great article. Very informative hub.Hmmmm.... now my mouth is watering. Some of my fondest memories were the "cheese and crackers hour" as I described it (the grown-ups referred to it as the “wine and cheese” hour). I love blue cheese in all its forms.

Impressive!Good hub on blue cheese; gotta have it on a good salad. well deserved. Of course, there's always the “best if used before” dates on the package.Any firm blue cheese, like Stilton, should be first wrapped in wax paper, then sealed in an airtight plastic bag and placed in your refrigerator's cheese drawer. It has a distinctive bite and aroma no matter how you slice it. igourmet English Blue Stilton Cheese DOP by Tuxford and Tebbutt - 2.5 Half Moon Cut (2.5 pound) But I still think that this hub is interesting nonetheless.I LOVE blue cheese. I completely understand! ABOUT BLUE CHEESE Order Online at the #1 Source for Gourmet Food and Gift Baskets.

Just before entering the caves, the cheese is thoroughly pierced to encourage fungal growth. It must be a drag to be allergic to penicillin, but I'm sure there are ways around it. 81 - $197.95 $ 197 . My guess is that the pharmaceuticall prepared penicillin causes the allergic reaction.Great read! It’s typically made … I know, they're totally different, but that's what my taste buds tell me!Wow very informative and well-written. Voting up and sharing!I love blue cheese, and loved your hub on it. Lol.

All Roquefort is made from the milk of the Lacaune, Manech, and Basco Bearnaise sheep. Nothing comes close that I've tried. Precise temperatures are used for this delicate process. Roquefort stands alone, it is in a league apart and should not be thrown in to this blue cheese grouping. Casual Maxi Dress for Women,Rainbow Button Down Roll up Sleeve Long Dress,Stripes Print Loose Long Maxi Dresses with Pockets Just so you know, the rind is edible, but not particularly tasty to some individuals.The creamy, crumbly blue cheeses are going to be the strongest.

Kraft Blue Cheese Salad Dressing Single Serve Packet (1.5 oz Packets, Pack of 60) Lots of great information and easy to read!Zis is a vunderful 'ub! St.Agur, which is kind of roquefortesque brought out a spreadable version, but even this is superceded by the new green-foil wrapped Boursin influenced design. igourmet English Blue Stilton Cheese DOP by Tuxford and Tebbutt - Pound Cut (15.5 ounce) an excellent hub and you deserved it :)Wow, what a great hub. The loaves are then wrapped and aged for another 3 to 10 months.Creamy, crumbly blue cheeses, like this Danish Blue, will have the strongest flavors.There are people who avoid blue cheese because of its reputation for having a very pungent odor and distinctively strong flavor.

:)Congratulations on your win. !Who knew blue cheese had such a history! Share on Pinterest. Which is it?I Love Danish Blue ,She who must be obeyed wont kiss me after it.She for some reasons thinks it stinks!Sant Agur nice too as is Stilton,Yorkshire Blue,and Shropshire Blue.Maytag has been shut down for many months, due to Listeria being found in their cheese by the Iowa Dept of Ag. :)This is very informative hub about blue cheese, I learn a lot, thank you! Treasure Cave, Gorgonzola Cheese, Crumbled, 5 oz He ran as quickly as he could to chase after this fair lass.He searched tirelessly for days but alas, he could not find her. I've even gone as far as to buy Cabrales online, although paying to ship cheese which has to be cold, is not cheap. Very informative. Goddesslili Women Halloween Costumes Adults, Scary Vintage Bloody Handprint Cosplay Costume Dresses for Ladies Girls Student Party Wear, Multi Color and Plus Size Available Toast for Cheese by the Fine Cheese Co - Apricots and Pistachios (3.2 ounce) I had no idea that is was dangerous to eat it if you are allergic to penicillin, although so far I have had no trouble. All other varieties of blue cheese, although some as you point out can be relatively good, are but pale imitations of Roquefort.All my life I loved Blue Cheese, now I know why. Updated hourly. Roquefort, Societe Sheep's Milk Cheese (1 lb) Societe Bee Roquefort, 3.5 oz They have totally rebuilt their facility. Gorgonzola Dolce Italian Cheese DOP- Whole Form (3.5 pound) Congrats! The soon-to-be blue cheese is then left in the caves for a few weeks to allow the spore growth. They don't eat cheese much there!Second, we were purchasing some blue cheese from the deli case and the young lady cutting it told us that 'this cheese is spoiled' LOLYUM!

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